For those of you who know me on a personal level know that I have a quite an  extensive background in the tanning salon business. Not to brag or anything but my love of being tan and methods for doing so has been the topic of many conversations (totally kidding).

Whether it be on the newest trends, beds, booths or products, everyone has an opinion and a story to go with it. In my 3 part tanning series, we will explore methods, tips & tricks, and some of my favorite products.

First off lets start with MY favorite type of tanning and a few of my favorite products.

Sun Bathing! This is tanning in its rawest form. Yup just me and the good ol’ sun. What I love about it is EVERYTHING! Nothing beats the feeling of being sun kissed by mother nature’s biggest and brightest. Pro’s are that it is available to pretty much everyone and anyone under the sun (no pun intended), it makes you feel amazing, friends gather to worship it, and can’t forget the Vitamin D. The sun shinning always makes for a beautiful day, and  follows you to baseball games, bbqs, the beach and even vacations. Cons would be that the sun emits UVA/UVB rays and many other effects that can be both beneficial and damaging.

Lauren’s Top Outdoor products:

Fav Tanning Lotion: Maui Babe Browning Lotion…seriously the best stuff ever, just try it…

















Fav Sunblock: Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect Lotion, another favorite when you want some sparkle and protection (also available in spf 8 & spf 40).