Lauren Dolce Supplements


So #ProjectBikini is underway once again and that means diet, training and supplements get tightened up and put into high gear. My supplement list is pretty simple, which is great because I like to put most of my focus on my training.

This year I have a super balanced diet which is freaking amazing and a slightly different line-up of supps. I’ve gone ahead and listed them along with the brands I’m using right now. I usually don’t like to push product because I believe that supplements work differently for different people and it comes down to personal preference, but I’ve gotten lots of requests and thought I’d share. Remember there are no right or wrongs here.

MY 4 must haves:

-Multivitamin – my multi varies, at the moment I am taking Trader Joe’s Women’s Once Daily

-Fish brand, simple and straightforward

-L Carnitine – Same as Fish Oil, private label…it does the job

-BCAA’s – This is where it gets kinda fun. For a pre-workout I’m using Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy in Watermelon…YUM! I also have ON’s BCAA’s in capsule form when I don’t have time to fuss with a drink…like nighttime and such, and BSNs AMINOx in Blue Raspberry. You’d think I’d be satisfied here but I’m itching to try Gaspari’s Aminolast…yes total Amino Whore I know, but once I try it I’ll make sure to share.

Lauren Dolce Protein Powder











The Protein Factor

I’m not a huge protein powder fan, only because I prefer to get my nutrients from whole foods, but I’m noticing that this season I’ve incorporated about 1-2 scoops of protein into my diet. My favorite protein at the moment is Gaspari’s MyoFusion Elite Protein Series in Peanut Butter Cookie Dough…seriously Amazeballz!

At the moment I’m not on a fat burner or thermogenic, but if I need to take one for a show I have no problem taking one for a SHORT period of time. I hope I’ve answered some questions and maybe helped some of you with your supplement shopping. Again everyone has different goals…mine just happens to be getting bikini ready for the season!