Lauren Dolce Bikini ready

So every year, like clockwork, Spring rolls around and we all think we have enough time to clean up our diets and hit the gym like crazy women just before Summer in underway. It works for some but for the majority (myself included) it doesn’t.┬áSome go on crash diets, others spend countless hours doing cardio and most give up before they see any real long lasting results.

After years and years of being on the wrong diets and doing the wrong workouts only to lose motivation and gain back everything (plus more!) I am here to tell you that there IS hope. With the right mix of nutritious foods, exercise, motivation and determination, you dream body can be a reality! I am living proof that it is possible. Not saying that I have my “dream body,” but I am pretty happy with the results I have and can honestly say I could have never even dreamed any of this was possible.

My advice to someone looking to get bikini ready…

1. Have a Plan – Remember, “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”

2. Stick to it – Consistency is key

3. Be Patient – Long lasting results take time, and trust me they are well worth the wait

4. Enjoy the journey!