Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast should never be complicated, but it should set you up to have an amazing day! This is one of my favorite breakfast combinations ever! Partly because I love all the flavors but also because it satisfies my A.M. nutritional needs.

Simple, Tasty and SUPER Easy!

You will need:
- 100-150g Cooked Cubed Sweet Potatoes (I bake them in bulk for convenience)

- 4-6 Egg Whites

- 1/4-1/2 Fresh Avocado

- 2 tbsp Your Favorite Salsa + Chili Sauce

How To:

In a bowl warm up sweet potatoes. Cook egg whites, and once nice and fluffy add to sweet potatoes. Next mix in avocado and top with salsa and chili sauce. See SUPER easy! Bon Appetite!