Shrimp with a kick

Party in my mouth! Woohooo!! This dish was amazing and definitely one to share. Full of flavor and easy!┬áSo yeah, totally cheesy name but that’s what came to mind with I took my first bite. Like most my meals this was based off the alloted macronutrients I had left for dinner, but I think it would go lovely with some tri-colored quinoa or brown rice. Yum!

You will need:

- 4-6oz Jumbo Shrimp (cooked)

- 2 Chopped Garlic Cloves

- 3 Chopped Scallions

- 4 Sliced Mushrooms

- Sriracha (I used the new one from Trader Joe’s)

- 1 Cup Cooked Kale

How to:

In a pan brown garlic and scallions with coconut oil spray. Next add mushrooms, cooked shrimp and Sriracha (I overdid it here, but it was worth it). Mix and keep on medium temperature until thoroughly cooked. I always have cooked Kale on-hand so I just grabbed a cup full, heated it real quick, and voila! Once the goodness in the pan was ready I placed it over the kale and was in heaven!

New Summer fav for sure!