Healthy Omelet

Ah-MaZing-ness. I love omelets, I mean who doesn’t right? When I have they time and enough goodness to fill one to my liking I have an omelet party in my kitchen! Pictured above is my favorite veggie egg white omelet.

What I used:

- 6 Egg Whites

- 3 sliced White Mushrooms

- handful of chopped Red Onions

- 2-3 Cherry Tomatoes quartered

- Cilantro (amount varies…I use a lot)

All of these items are combined in a bowl and poured into a pan that is heated with Coconut Oil spray. Once egg whites begin to cook use spatula and fold in half. Keep flipping until cooked all the way through.

I topped this masterpiece with 1/4 fresh avocado and garnished with cilantro.

Bon Appetite!